Thinking out loud

Then I got inspired to write as 2016 starts. Happy New Year.

Life is either complicated or simple. It all lies in the lens that one chooses to view life. After all everything is about the choices made.

In life something is bound to go wrong. Wrong in this case is defined as something that you did not anticipate, something you do not like, something you did not plan, something that cripples whatever you were working on. Undoubtedly that brings disappointment, sadness and anguish. The choice then comes about on how you proceed from the situation. You can choose to accept that sometimes things go wrong, choose to learn from the situation, choose to understand what may have caused it to go wrong, find a way to prevent it from occurring again. You can also choose to blame others, blame yourself, hate the world and completely consume yourself with anguish. Whatever you choose, it is your choice, you, however, just need to be prepared to live with it.

Choices affect the 3 dimensions of life namely, the past, the present and the future.  The choices you have made in the past have led you to your current position. Now that you are in the present,  the choices you make will shape the future. There is an illusion that the choices made today may increase or decrease your future choices. Look again, that is  an illusion, all what the decisions you make today does, is determine what kind of choices you end up with in the future.

Knowing about those 3 dimensions of life and how choices alter your journey you need to pay attention. Pay attention to the fact that what matters in life is now. Now being the present time, the present moment, this very instant. It is unfruitful to dwell in the past, rejoicing and reliving your glorious days, regretting and cursing your faults, mistakes and missed opportunities. Moreover, it is also barren to consume your present anticipating the future. The reason being life is now, the present, this very moment. If you spent if otherwise, you will increase the number of missed opportunities, expand the regrets toll and end up with some bad choices to choose from in the future. Every moment you live, fully appreciate it, fully live it and that is a brilliant choice.

In most cases the choices in life are complete opposites. There is positive and negative, love and hate, life and death etc. Every living moment in life you are faced with those choices. It may be easy, I mean choosing one out of two, or it can be hard. Whatever the situation is, wisdom is knowing when to choose hate over love, when to choose life over death.

Life can be simple. You can choose to make life simple. All you need to do is make the right choices. The right choices for you and for your life, your family and your friends, your community and your city, your country and your continent, your planet and your universe. When contradiction occurs, just pray that you make the right decision. Live life, live now and make the most of today.

PS: To B. who inspired me to write on the day we were riding the Black Horse.




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