Simple Steps Saturday

This is the day that the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it. I am so blessed and highly favoured, even though I do not act like it most of the time. This is the day that all changes. You know, how one prays and wonders if God listens even though deep down you know He does. The only issue is, am I listening when He speaks? I gotta confess, most of the time I may not want to listen because I want to do what I want, not what is good for me and definitely not what He has planned for me. Why? 

Today I will look at Why? I interrogate the WHy? I focus on the Why in order to embrace Change. I am going to take a wild guess and say hidden past wounds. There is great value in healing. This is because the wounds tend to drag you back down to the day of the fall. Oftentimes we dwell in the wounds and replaying the past hurt that we do not get to a point of growth. And if you are like me, you are even more critical of yourself, and less forgiving to yourself and that does not help one bit with the healing process. Let alone the prayer, ‘Forgive us today as we forgive those who trespass against us.” becomes obsolete when we do not forgive ourselves  for letting ourselves down. So how do we take a step forward and say this is the day that everything changes?

I have listened to an insurmountable number of motivational speeches, I have listened to numerous audio books that shared knowledge and wisdom on how to change for the better, how to improve my life. One of the greatest quotes I read, I  cannot remember who it is that said it, is that “Motivation is like taking a bath, if you stop doing it you begin to stink.” I think it was Zig Zagler or something. Anyways, where was I? Yes, in the past few years I have been on and off seeking motivation. One thing that I have seen is that it is easier to be drawn back down to old bad patterns that I have developed over the years and set as a default pattern. Tony Robbins addresses this when he talks about how to build self confidence. I then challenged myself today and focused on WHY? I think that it is when we zoom in into our lives and really use our introspective magnifying glass to view the sources of the hurt that have created a negative belief system within, that we begin to understand ourselves better and hence notice our patterns. Today is the day all change and I will rejoice and be glad indeed. It is time for a reboot. 

I have let myself down several times and lost confidence in myself. That has led to a lot of procrastination patterns and self sabotage in several places. As a result I am going to admit that in retrospect, I have developed to a great extent a negative belief system such that when things fail, I am the first to say to myself, “Uyabona!!!” “Vele nje wena tintfo don’t work well for you”. Today is the day I take a step forward. 

  1. Dear Banele, “Cola Suthu!” what happened to you was not your fault. Yes, it was cruel but it is time to let go. There is no value in carrying it with you all the time. Follow the instruction and guidance of Matthew 11:28-30. Find rest for your soul in Jesus and take His Yoke for it is light and easy. 
  2. Dear Banele, “Usebentile”. Take a moment to appreciate all that you do and do so well. You have been blessed with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and you use them to bless your family, your community and others. I know you often feel it is not enough. Stop. “Usebentile”. You are on the right path. Keep going. 
  3. Dear Banele, You are loved and deserve to be loved. Let that sink in. Whatever happened in the past that was contrary to the truth was, is and will always be a lie. Dwell in the truth. Remember John 8:31-32 always. Yes, the truth shall set you free. “Hha! Ngaze Ngafa kutiyenga bo!” 

These three steps are the beginning and like every journey, it begins with the first step. I am excited about what comes next. One thing for sure is that it is going to be mind blowing.  

So what is today? Today is when Saturday becomes a brighter Tomorrow. Today is no no ordinary Saturday but #SimpleStepsSaturday. A day when everything changes. 

NoteToSelf: God always listens to our prayers, only our faith activates the responses while doubt and lack of belief are blockers. 


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